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Things You Need to Remember When Planning for a Summer Vacation in Nice France

It is beautiful beaches, spectacular landscapes and a number of popular sightseeing places that are the things that come into mind when summer begins. One of the places where you are able to do all of these things is in Nice France. This is considered to be the third most populous French city next to Paris and London. It is here where you are able to enjoy the wonderful beaches and engrossing yourself in French architecture. Whatever it is, there is always something for everybody in this place.

It is in the southeast French coast where Nice is located and is the second largest city of the French Mediterranean coast. Nice La Bella or Nice the Beautiful is what its city is also named. Holding more than 1 million people are what its 270 square miles of land. Nice is also considered to be one of the oldest cities in the world. When looking at this city that it accommodates more than 4 million tourists every year and also houses some of the prominent museums. There are many things that beachgoers and adventurers can do in this city. These people can visit the Colline du Chateau or the Mount Boron and the Promenade des Anglais. It is also a cliff walk that one can it to visit and is just minutes away from the old port toward Monaco. It is the Mediterranean climate that one can experience on this city since it is located on the Mediterranean coast. You will be able to experience summer season that can last for six to eight months. A summer that starts from April and can extend up to November is what this city has.

There are also some nice dishes that Nice can offer you especially for the foodies. It is the Pissalaiere, Socca, and Farcis that are some of the local dishes that one can try here. Whenever you are a non-vegetarian that Nice can also offer you dishes like the Sisteron Sheep. When visiting this city and you are in for some seafood then you can also get your fill here. Local dishes that include sea urchins, breams, and mullets.

This city also offers a number of social life and amusement. If you are after a drink then there are many places where you can go in this city. If it is god tome in the city that you would want to experience then you can visit local bars like the McMahon’s, Thor Club, Blue Whales, and Wayne’s. These places are also a go-to for the locals.

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